Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Rediculous names of a child

In philippines or anywhere in the world there is always this child named combination that sound so rediculous. Like my younger sister's classmate in high school, a twin girls were named "August Apple and August Orange" because there were born on August and when the Mother was pregnant all she wanted to eat was Orange and Apple fruit and the rest made her sick.

Another rediculous named I heard is Condom and it was a combination from both parents name whom are called Conrado and Domingga. It was shameful named and why would parents never think of their child future? The 3rd one I know from our town is the child named "December Dawn" because of its birthday. The child was heard to be born on the Dawn of December, lol. Silly names like these can actually caused a child into bullies when they're grown up.

Today I read the yahoo news about a child in Italy who were named by the parents "Friday" because the child is born Friday, baptised on Friday and called the boy Friday. But lawyers in Italy insisted because it was too shameful and rediculous.

The tribunal said it was protecting the child from being the butt of jokes and added that it believed the name would hinder him from developing "serene interpersonal relationships".

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