Saturday, 29 December 2007

Today's Outing

Today we went out shopping in the mall nearby. Just 10 minutes walked from our house. There we've seen Mother, great Granny and sis in-law busy doing clothes shopping. Great gran again gave some cash for the kids and bought us some nice tops each. We then went to the coffee shop upstairs and had a cup of tea and some cakes.

After I went look for handbags and purses since its 50 percent sale and didn't see anything fancy. Almost wanting to buy the pink purses which presumably will cost me £50 but then I change my mind and wait until next week for my biggest shopping day with sis in-law as a birthday treat. Looking forward to it....hubby was supposed to treat me today for a handbag shopping but as I said nothing fancy that I really like. So Im assuming I will see something more exciting by next week, really.

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