Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Oldest Slots Machine

There are loads of entertainment online but people tends to choose the one that they can win prizes or money, like the online slots for instance. It's very popular before I can't believe still is now, 5 yrs ago I remembered playing slots on the only casino house in Cebu. But not one time I ever win, not that I could remember. I once witness a woman who play slot and win half a million peso. I was like, oh why her? I guess it was not my luck so I stop going to casino since it's an hour drive from where I live. Until I got here in UK, I never played again. But now that I found this online slots, I am tempted to give it a try one more time and see if I could win a prize this time. Anyway, I should not expect to win for whoever spoe too son are pushing away their luck, lol. Do you believe that myth? Anyway, one of this day I will sure give a try to this online slot in sloterix website. I've heard that this is the oldest and the greatest slot sites available on the web. I'll go and check now!

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