Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Am I worth it?

On V-day hubby spoilt me once again. He is so kind and so generous when it comes to giving presents. I love it though! I love getting surprise but only one thing I was hoping to get on that day a flowers. I can't help myself falling in love of the nature made. Flowers are one of them and I am really into flowers so even there is no occasion hubby loves giving me flowers and some other surprised gifts. Am I worth it? I guess so....for my husband I can be worth more than a billion bucks or a priceless wife, lol. Here's the a dozen of red roses he handed me and sealed with kisses, hehehe. How sweet!

1 comment:

texas_sweetie said...

pagka igata jud oi rayna nalang kas mga buwak gatz.

ako pay Simon nmo himoan nlang taka ug roses bed para tagbaw hehehe..ay duh basta tamaan kupido oi hatag na unsa g d demands sa spoiled bratty wifey kay nag au ug d palamyon ug lami? aw kaning akong manoy noon gatz bisan tuod papasmohan nani nku 4 months na mohatag man gyapon..

hala oi batsi nku ky american idol na...d nku kusion jadyn oi ky louy hilak ug luom raba ni maau ky gikambras sa buang nga chichai gniha ang tuhod..hoho