Thursday, 21 February 2008

Romance Forever

What I love about my husband is, he's very passionate. He is the most romantic man I ever met. What more is when he keep giving me flowers even there is no ocassion. It really touch my heart. I simply adore him and love him more every day. Is this some kind of romantic ideas for anyone out there? I think so. One thing I often illusion about is when a man give a woman a love letter, that is totally sweet! My husband often gives me one that comes with flowers too.

I dont know why he is so good at it, I sometimes wonder how and where did he knows all these tactics of capturing my heart. He is just so lovely and loving, caring you named it all. For all the poeple out there who is about to have a relationships then you should know better than speaking for "actions speaks louder than words". What I mean is do something romantic or do some love letters surprises. If you wanted a tips on how to win's the woman's or man's heart then this site is recommended, and you can never go wrong. Its a lovely site to hang out with and to learn more tips on a proper romantic relationships. I been there and I loved it!

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