Thursday, 14 February 2008

Cash Advance

Today, I was sitting her in the house all day and was thinking that earning money is not that easy actually whereas spending it is very easy. You just get out to shop one thing then you end buying the whole store, lol. If only I could limit myself or set to a limit then promised not to buy anything if I am over my budget already until the next month again. This is what we call bag money management. Yes, I am not that good on managing my financial and expenses for I just spend every single penny in my pocket which is not very good. I really have to try very hard if I wanted to have a good future for my kids. We need to save and thats should be the thing I need to think about everyday everytime I am tempted to buy something unnecessary.

This month we already sent out some to my siblings for their school fees and not long from now the next one will be due again. I guess I'll have to prepare myself and get a cash advance for my payday will not be until the 2nd week of March. I 'll have to investigate about getting some payday loans online and how to apply it. I know there are many people who are relying on it. So, I guess I can be qualified applying for a payday loan. I'll just have to work out my monthly rates and perhaps spend less on clothes and any stuff I don't actually need to be able to pay the cash advance every month. Here I am wishing to become responsible and not spend every money I got.

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