Thursday, 14 February 2008

Back from Dinner Date

Me and hubby has been planning this dinner date for quite sometimes now. We thought that this Valentines day we could make it and had it all plan ahead but unfortunately it is thursday and hubby was called for meeting after meeting which is pain in the neck. He didn't arrived home until quarter passed 6pm tonight so I had to ring babysitter and re-arrange for it next weekend instead. So, our plan tonight was all changed and yes we still went out to have our dinner date but tagging along the kids with us, lol.

Soon as we step into the restaurant that we choiced to dine in, it was so packed up with lovers and every table was made for only 2 person. We come in and was entertain with one of the receptionist and was offerd a table for 4 which is very kind of him. We're a little bit embarrased for were the only couple who brought kids with us. We just laughed all the way through. We then thought what if our boy will get bored setting while waiting for the food? We never go wrong for our thought process for it happens really quickly after we say the word. He was all noisy and refused to play her crayons and colouring paper, all he wanted is to get out his chair and run around.

Gladly, people or other customers in the restaurant were not that bothered by his noised or fuss instead some of them keep playing with him but we stopped it for we know they are their for the dates and not to be disturbed by this fussy 2 yrs old boy.

Anyway, the restaurant was really romantic place, food were delished and the candle light dinner tables are looking so cool. It was an Italian Restaurant which is my favourite place. We were hesitant to take a picture in case no will object of being on the bacground. So we just wait until we are on the car park and took some few snaps only for the temperature was below freezing and a little icy. I never seen anyone flashing inside the restaurant either so it would be a shame to use one. At the end of the day were there to enjoy and not for the camera, lol.

It was such a lovely dinner and place was perfect and treating us well considering we have kids. We also left with a very messy table down to the bottom or underneath the table with all the napkins, tissue and etc.

Anyway, our night was spent so well and we had a wonderful time celebrating Valentines day. Looking forward for next week dates with hubby to Planet Hollywood.

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