Friday, 22 February 2008

Flowers Anyone?

Yes, if you read my previous post you will know how I am obsess of having or receiving flowers. I just love flowers and my day won't be complete when there is no flowers in our house. That is why hubby always made sure that he buys flowers every week. My last flowers which is the red roses from Valentines day still up until now. I keep adding water and food to it that is why it lasted longer that it should be.
Hubby oftens stop by in flower shop on his way home after work.

One time he is talking just to order it online or get it from Tulsa Flower Shop to save time and offort, lol. He never failed a week without flower in his hand for me. I am so lucky indeed. However, he prefers ordering it from online especially when he hears about Tulsa flower shop. I guess the next day or the next week there will be someone knocking on my door for a flowers delivery. Since, there is no more Pizza Delivery I expect flowers this time. In Tulsa flower shop you can order any kinds of flowers in such a low prices. Fresh and blossoms all the way at your doorstep.

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