Saturday, 23 February 2008

Sea Life Brighton

We did it today and we really had so much fun especially my 2 baby. Kath and Christian enjoyed looking different kinds of fish. Surprisingly the Seal Life in Brighton had a sea turtle and we are not talking a tiny or small or even large but an enormous one. It was awesome! Christian can't help himself but scream every time the sea turtle come near to him. He screamed not because he is frighten but he scream because ge get too excited and thought that he could touch it. Kath loves the sea horse especially the fat bellied one.

It was indeed and nice day and a good decision. We did get a voucher which entitled a 50% off. So the four of us only paid £17.94 which I think is pretty good. However, we spend quite a lot of our souvenirs and of course snacks here and there. So all-in-all we spent about £100 so not that bad really. Its only an hour drive from our place and on our way there was a nightmare because the traffic was too bad.

Soon as I've done uploading our photos I'll sure share it here in my blog or any of my blogs. So, keep watching for it, lol.

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