Monday, 25 February 2008

Free Poker Books Online

I am now really sleepy. I didn't arrived home till 9:30 this evening from work. It's been a long day too because I got up really early to send my daughter to school and only had few hours while getting ready for work. I should go to sleep now but since I have no work during tuesday, wednesday and thursday I can't stay up late. I have to make the most of it, lol.

Anyhow, before I go to bed let me share to you this good finds tonight. It's about the Free Poker Books that I got in the other site while browsing. It caught my interest because of its guides and easy reads. I love to learn poker to be honest because its actually a good game to get hook into. Hubby is quite a good player and been playing poker every night. Right now he is busy playing tricks and trying to dominate his opponents. On the day he got zero chips and now he got about 40 thousand bucks.

WOW! If only he played for a real money, he would have profited a fortune by now. But, he is unsure yet whether to go for it. He is still making himself experts and learning many tricks as he can before he would go into the next step. Whatever makes him happy, I am just here to support here but not to the extent that loan our entire house including furnitures just to win back his loses, lol. I am just glad that he is not a gambler but he sure plays poker online and for him to learn more I would suggest to him this free poker books online. It would help him learn a lot about poker.

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