Monday, 25 February 2008

House Selling Rant and Such

This morning when I send my little girl school, I got to met up my friends too. We had a chatted for 30 minutes before heading to each of our homes. On my way home I stopped by at the local outlet of branded handbags. I saw an LV one that is on sale but not as cheap as I can afford to. I would not want to pay x-hundreds of pounds just to buy an LV handbag with my own pocket money unless it's my husband expense, lol.

But I can't do a handbag right now especially LV because we are still saving more to buy us a bigger house in the near future. I can only dream unless hubby will buy it for me like he used to. I got few LV handbags from hubby's money, hehehe. They are still sealed and new that sometimes I even think of selling them before the value gets lower, lol. Unlike hubby's books the older it gets the value increases.

For now, I can think nothing but to sell our place. How I wish someone out there would generously offer with the asking price not a low one. So far, we only had one offer and they pulled out in the last minute. They even offer so low and after all they pulled out. But hubby was glad because he was doubting already and even regretting to sell it to a lower price. We maybe desperate to move but we are not that desperate to sell into £10,000 negative from the house value. No way! If thats the case, we would be happy to let it instead.

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