Thursday, 21 February 2008

Sectional Garage is what we need!

We are likely to move out in August and I hope that would be it for ten years. Moving house can be so stressful especially taking heavy things with you. But for the better we had to since this place the we are currently living has no garage and garden. And having two kids of our own does requires a bigger space and a garden. Talking of moving, my in-laws are going to move too and are looking for a retirement house near by the sea. Its a good thinf for them but will not for us because we have loads of stuff on their garage and if they sell their house first we are surely stuff.

We are not sure where we could put all those furnitures and other bits of pieces we stored in my in-laws garages. But as they promised they will hire or rent a garage for us if their house will be sold. Such a kind offer, really. Anyway, when we get to our bigger place we will then have a garden and a garage of our own so there wont be any problem about storage spaces but it would be more spacious and organise if we will have one of this Sectional Garage so we could put things in place. On that reason we can easily find things when its needed. Meaning we had to spend another hundred of pounds to have a sectional garage unless we will find a cheaper store online that will give us a good deal. I'll try lidget since my friends recommmend it to us. I guess its worth a look. They're great apparently.

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