Thursday, 28 February 2008

Thursday's Ramblings

I just arrived from picking up my little girl from school. She had her ballet lesson today so I had to bring her ballet bag with all the stuff she needs in it. She is very keen to have her weekly ballet lesson so what else can a mother do but to support her only princess in whatever activities she joined.

Anyway, while waiting for her to finish I was with my crowd of pussy and we chit-chatted the whole hour about life here and there, lol. We actually plan for our Sunday party as mothers and birthday celebration of co-filipina too. I am not sure whether I take food with me or simply just bring a red wine. I supposed to make a puto cheese but not so sure if I can get all the ingredients before Saturday. Tomorrow I'll be working as well as Saturday morning. So I guess I still have time to go shopping for my puto cheese ingredients, eyyy?

I will just have to see how the time goes. But for sure Sunday will be a great day for us and for my friends. Saturday afternoon we plan to go dinner with the kids as a mother's day celebration. Hubby said, we have to take the kids since its them who made me a mother, lol. He is quite right so no need to argue with that......take the kids it is.

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