Monday, 25 February 2008

Walkers,A Nations Flavour!

Quavers are fast becoming one of my favorate crisps,Quavers are a light chessy crisp made by walkers.
With myself constantly putting me on a diet,these keep ending up in my butty box,With only 87 calories per pack i can see why. It's really tasty and very chewable and easily digestive. I love it, so very much!

Quavers are a light potato snack whic you can get in cheese flavour,salt and vinegar,and prawn cocktail.

But, cheese are my favorate as they are nice and cheesy but not to strong of a flavour,They have 80% less fat nowadays than they did in 2006 (fact) and 25% less salt than they did in 2005,which is great because you can see that this company are doing there best by us and our health.

You can buy Quavers in multi packls of 6 and 12 and they can be all the same flavour or mixed,multi packs start at 99p for a six pack which is very reasonable price, I think! I often get two pack every week and end up eating it for a day only.

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