Monday, 25 February 2008

We need a Guest Beds

Right now, I been re-thinking about our summer trip to philippines. I am torn between the 2 season which one is the best time to go? Either this summer holiday so I could have a longer vacation or during Christmas, a shorter one? Gosh, if I have to choose I would go twice, lol. If only we are that free, I would definitely go this summer and on Christmas. My mum is already cleaning the Guest rooms as well as the Guest Beds for su to stay. How nice and kind of her.

Our trip is not yet definite, we will confirm it sooner otherwise my family will be disapointedly waiting if we dont arrived there in Summer. I keep changing my mind because thats the only time of the year I would like to stay here in England as I hate the rest of the year because of its cold and freezing weather. At the same time I can't wait to see my family again, so the sooner the better!

But, if ever we can't make it this summer then we would just like to get one of my sister over or my parents. Then on that case, we need a new bed for our guest room to be otherwise they will end up sleeping in the floor with our old and crappy guest bed. I am searching across the internet and found this unbeatable offers from and their beds are amazingly gorgeous. The picture shown below this paragraph would really be a perfect bed in our guest room. I love that bed, I could actually ask hubby to buy one for our bedroom too.

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