Thursday, 14 February 2008

Wishing for an Outdoor Lighting

Every Christmas I wish to have a lighting for the outdoors but because we havent got any garden or outdoors slots we tend to just keep it inside. But there you go at least I can hope again this eyar christmas to have the outdoor lighting again. We are going to move out to a bigger house with a bit of garden so by then I would be able to have an outdoor christmas lights or I can just simply hang it in the terrace corner. Something I can look forward to the next christmas for sure.

Anyway, aside from that outdoor lighting is quite good in the garden to guide the walk path in the night. Or sometimes you can just hang it in fron of the door. My in-laws both have a lighting for the outdoors because they have a massive gardens and also on their front door. I see this olde gothic style that really cathes my attention the first I been to their house and I was so fascinated by it. I never seen such until I got here in England for its rarely use in the philippines. People could not afford it maybe there are few but majority can't. This is what my in-laws got on their front door. I must say it does suit for they also got a old cottage house which is a 504 yrs old. Look very classic indeed.

Like this....

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