Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Debt Management

Debt problem often comes in a sudden especially to those people who used too many credit cards. What they don't know that once you have credit card you can build up too many debts and will struggles to pay on time. I know the fact that credit is not a good idea at all but of course it is very helpful for emergency purposes.

Hubby own too many credit cards. He switch from one company to another and now build up quite a lot of debt that we struggle to pay. I felt so guilty for one reason that we had too much debt is because of my family back home. However, hubby explain for one reason that my family is not the only reason why we had many debts. He said before he meet me he already had credit but it get worst before it gets better as always.

Now we are planning to get trust fund and pay all our debts and we get only credit card for emergency or for travelling or holidays. We have to be very careful next time of our expenses not to get to similar situation as we had. We really need to learn about Debt Management otherwise there will be no more funds to cover it all up. But, there is always another way or another option on how to avoid or get the debt problem sorted. Just visit and learn their debt management.

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