Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I might be....

I just been to a friend's blog whom had a twin not so long ago. Her baby is so adorable, make me want to have another one right now. Ohhh well, who knows I might be pregnant already, hehehehe. I easily feel sleepy and can sleep all day and night. If you notice I am not up so late right now because my eyes could not keep up late nights anymore.

I was also feeling sick last week and vomitting. But it's probably have to do that I caught a bug from work, lol. I am not sure yet, I have to wait and see when I pass my due date, lol. Hubby has been teasign me a lot already, he wanted so much another baby, in fact he wanted 6 children. But for 3 is enough, I think. We will see next month.

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