Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The One and Only

In my family, everyone has seems to have a fine skin and that they don't need extra care. From my family down to hubby's family as well my kids and hubby they all are fine when it comes so skin blemeshes problems, acne and etc. I don't know if my skin is so sensitive and irritable while I always get this very annoying spots and to be honest I am so tired of using different products that dont even works for me. Plus is a waste of money, I gave up ages ago and just have to accept the fact that my skin are too far from being perfect. Until today I found out this very iteresting product called Epionce that is clinically proven in over 12 double-blind independent studies. It looks very promising and would like to try it for my spotty this spotty skin of mine and will see how far it will clear my spot. I am willing and able to try another product just to see if this skin of mine can become smooth and spotless just like the rest of my family.

What I would like to try out, of all the product listed is the one in the picture above. I have read all about it and it sounds right for my skin. I can wait to buy one for myself to try. I guess it is another interesting and exciting bit of my days where I have to try things to see if it works. And to be honest it so very promising product and looks like my skin would like it. So, I better leave it now and get back to what I have started.

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