Thursday, 10 April 2008

Shopping and Saving

Let's talk about shopping, shall we? Women is known to be an impulsive shopper and a fashion follower where they shop and buy what's new on the market trends. Agree? I am a woman who love shopping after shopping. Just as well I work my butt out because I shop and buy things that are unnececessary from time to time. I could not resist especially when it has a sale in the town nearby where I live. I guess hubby had to buy our next house away from the shopping town centre or else he will work his butt off till he is old and dribbly without retiring, lol.

I do love to shop especially for my kids clothing specifically my daughter who is at the moment in the right age to be my model. Wheneve I hit to the shopping mall I often come home not empty handed but with a hand full of my kids stuff. Toys, clothes, shoes, sports apparels and etc. I love going to Gap Store, Next, Marks and Spencers, Debenhams, Moonsoon, Disney Store, and Adams. These are my favourite shop to buy clothing for my kids, its because, they have such gorgeous fashion designs on kids clothing that every parents could not resist to buy especially when they are on sale after thanksgiving day. Gap is inexpensive shop anyway, but it is more cheap when buying stuff on sale, right? I love Gap and most of my kids Clothing are either from these stores mention above.

But do you know that even I shop that often I also don't spend that much? I save because I shop where there is a sale or a massive reductions in my favourite store or designers. I usually do not spend more than 10 quid for a top. The best time to shop is after thanksgiving day because it has loads of great deals especially every Cyber Monday. So, if I were you, you should watch out for a cyber monday ads and look for the best time to go shopping to save money.

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