Thursday, 10 April 2008

Thursday's Ramblings

Hubby is busy lately that we hardly see him everyday because before we get up he is already out for work and when he comes home the kids are already in bed. It is sad but I hope it is only this week and next week his work will be back to normal.

As for my job, I only work part time during monday and fridays 5 hours each shift and sometimes I work weekends for OT when supervisor asked me to. But this friday I ask for a swap to Saturday since my daughter is off for a school break. It's better this way than to pay babysitter while going off to my work and left only 10 quid for myself because all my earnings is just enough to pay whoever baby sits my kids, lol.

So, I'm not working on Friday but I will be working on Saturday early at 9am to 2pm. So, I could still have time to go out with my family after works if weather permits, hehehe.

I have been gaining weight so far which is good for I was underweight before. So now I am weighing about 94-96 lbs. I love it! So, if we will get some sunshine on weekends I could take my kids for walk or cycling aroung the countryside near at my in-law's house. So far, our weather is pretty miserable.

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