Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Love his Curly hair

I love babies with curly hair, it just simply fascinates me. When my Kath was about my son's age she also had this telephone wire curl and sleek. It was a beautiful hair that every people see's her the first time always admire her curly hair plus she had a beautiful curly long lashes which top it all. She was about 2 yrs old when I first cut it and I remembered how upset my Papa was because he hates the fact that we cut Kath's curly hair. I took her to Daddy decided that its about time to trimmed it down.

So now my son has a curly hair again and its a little longer now which kinda show's it already. I want it long and curly until next year during our trip back home. I promised Mama and Papa that I won't cut it until they say Christian in person with his long curly hair. Of course they seen him in the pictures and I can't imagine how they wished they'll see it in real. I always remind hubby that christian's hair will remains long until we got to the philippines. Hubby didn't promised as he dont like a boy with a long hair, lol.

Anyway I took some pictures of him last night for my parents to see again. They've just request some new pics to see. Anyway you guys can visit my son's blog it is already available for everyone to visit and even link it up. Thanks!

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