Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Today was Kath's school program, I planned to go with hubby as we always both attend whenever there is school show to support our daughter but unfortunately I am not-well enough to attend. I caught an eye-bug which caused both my eyes very sore so I stayed home instead. Anyway there will be another school show on thursday so hopefull I will be better to watch it.

Daddy took some photos and will share it online soon as I download them. For now I am busy cooking our dinner. I opted to have calderita tonight since thats the only meal I am good at and thanks to Mamasita recipe's. It very easy and simple to follow and it taste so yummy. I hope my kids will eat this time because I prepared mashed potato to go with it since they are not keen on rice.

In 40 minutes our dinner will be ready but before that I'll have to write some reviews so my day won't be wasted. Have few task need to be done since its about to expired.

Thanks folks for all the visits!

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